We love catering gigs! Its a great way to ensure the freshest ingredients and cut food waste down to zero. As we move more towards using sustainable small scale farmers as suppliers where viable catering gives us the predictability to work with higher costing premium sustainable produce. 

Contact us about getting big balls for your office lunch, party or hire the truck for your wedding or outdoors event. We love working with people to customise their ideal menu and happy to suggest provide options!

Catering Menu

The New York

Beef, free range pork, pecorino

and basil with marinara sauce and mozzarella 

Cheesy Chick

Free range chicken, ricotta and tarragon with blue cheese sauce and onion relish 


Black Sheep

NZ Lamb & carrot with spicy harissa sauce & atchar mayo 

(Vegan option available)*

Sweaty Korean

Beef, free range pork, spicy sweet sour gochujang sauce, kewpie mayo and sesame dressing

(Vegan option available)*

*Vegan Balls are plant based mushroom mince, pumpkin and shitake mushrooms


Cheesy Cumin Cauliflower

Spiced Vege Couscous

Creamy Potato and Spinach 

Fresh Sourdough 



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